Thursday, April 3, 2014

Let the storm rage on.

Today I was reading The Indian in the Cupboard to a Grade 2 (8 year old) boy, Yuma. For those who don't know the book- it is a chapter book about 227 pages long (at least the version I'm reading) and it is a non-picture book. I was reading for about 10 to 15 minutes when I noticed that he was staring off into the distance- as if he was dreaming or he just got bored of my voice. 

I finished the paragraph I was reading and then paused and asked him if he wanted me to stop reading. What he said after kind of blew my mind away a little bit. 

"No, Miss May, I have pictures in my head."

And then I realized: Yuma didn't know what the word imagination meant but that was exactly what he was experiencing. 

I did that. 

Knowing that I was the one responsible for putting the "pictures" in Yuma's head made me feel like I was doing something right. Yet another reason why being a teacher is one of the most fantastic, self-fulfilling jobs in the world. And yet another way of the universe telling me that I made the right choice. I'm never going to be recognized for it, never going to be praised for it but just the knowledge that I played a part in it is wonderful enough. 

"No, Miss May, I have pictures in my head." 

The immense impact of such a simple reply. 


If you did not read The Indian in the Cupboard growing up, you're missing out. It was one of my favourite book series when I was about 8 to 10 years old, along with Roald Dahl, The Famous Five and The Chronicles of Narnia

Never too late to start, though! I'm reading some of my old favourites again and it's still as good as ever! :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Give you my heart on a string.

I realize I've only been updating once a month lately. At least when I do update, it's a long post right? ;D

So here's what I've been up to:

1. We learnt about Keith Haring in art class! We then proceeded to create a Keith Haring mural for the gym wall. 

My crazy Grade 1 kids. 

2. Jer and I attempted to visit Legoland! Anyone want to give us money to actually go inside? :)

3. I got to spend some time with little Jadon! Finally hanging out with kids I understand. 

4. Celebrated Jer's 24th birthday in KL. 
 On the way back to KL. 

Big octopus for his birthday dinner! 


5. Made rainbow fishes! 
 Meet Sullivan! 

6. (Kind of) adopted a cat. 
Meet Cicak. Isn't she a beauty?

She started coming to the house to look for food. So I've been feeding her. And she keeps coming back. And I love that she comes back. I think she thinks I'm hers now. 

7. Celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday! 

 8. Made mud pies! 

9. Made funny faces with my favourite Johorians! 

10. Spent time with my favourite 4-year-old little girl! 
Say hello to Emma! :)

Isn't she a cutie? 

She played doctor with her dog, Henry. Henry's a real dog. I realize Henry looks like a stuffed toy in the picture. 

11. Celebrated Freaky Friday. Check out my topsy-turvy outfit!

A t-shirt over a dress over a pair of sweats. 

I also wore a bright blue shoe on one foot and a bright orange shoe on the other. Pretty freaky, I'd say! 

For some reason, my hair ended up with a ton of pens, pencils and markers that kept being added by children. I pulled out about 13 things out of my hair when school ended. 

And just like that, March is almost over! 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Between the noise you hear, and the sounds you like.

Happy February folks! This week marks a month of being in Johor. So far, it's been a pretty mundane experience. I go to work, I come home, I go on my computer, I go to sleep. The silver linings so far, is the job itself- which has been such a wonderful experience, and Jer- who has been keeping me exceptionally sane when I'm dying of boredom. 

Things we do in school #1: It was the 100th day of school and the kids were each given 100 popsicle/craft sticks to make something. They were also given 100 pony beads to make a necklace of some sort but this is what I made for my desk instead! ;) 

Managed to go back to KL for 4 whole days for Chinese New Year! And look, Gracelynn is walking already! :') 

She celebrated her first birthday on the third day of CNY. :) 

We visited our 95-year-old great-grandmother too. 

 Isn't she absolutely adorable? :) 

Jer and I. 

Spot my puzzle piece! 

It's finally up on the Raffles jigsaw wall! 

What the kids said about me during our recent Valentine's/CNY school-wide celebration. A little blurry but it says, "You're really sweet, nice and really beautiful. You're a great gamer. We Love You!"
Extremely heart-warming. <3 

Yesterday was supposedly "Spirit Day" at school and we were required to wear red or pink in conjunction with Valentine's Day. Din and I wore the same colours the other way round! :D 

 Valentine's Day goodies from the kids. :)

Jer and I decided to watch Lego Movie (finally!) for Valentine's. Great movie! But this is what we saw when we got out: 
The line of people waiting to pay for parking was absolutely ridiculous! It went one circle and all the way into the mall. Thank goodness we parked outside. 

 Also, unless you have a discount at TGV Bukit Indah or you're seriously loaded- don't go there to watch a movie. Absolutely ridiculous how expensive it is. RM19 for a decent middle-row seat, front-row seats cost RM15. We were lucky enough to have used the Maxis Rewards app and we got a pair of tickets for the price of one. It pays to be cheap. ;) 

The pretty moon we were looking at while walking back to the car. :)

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I only have myself to blame.

So as most of you probably know already, I moved to Johor! I took up School C's offer and it's been two exciting weeks of new beginnings. 

But before I delve into that, here are some leftover stories from before I moved to Johor. 
New Years Eve; Pardeep and Jack looking extremely cozy. ;)

Met up with these girls! This is the first time meeting up with Dinah since I arrived in Malaysia slightly over a year ago. 

 Cutesy pictures of Jer doing my hair. Aww. 

And then these two hijacked my phone. 

Dinner with the Lyes when Jee Leng made me take a picture, haha. 

 Pictures with my favourite little boy! 

I sure am gonna miss you, Hadif! 

At Jeremy's cousin's tea ceremony, the day before leaving to Johor. 

Last meal with friends before leaving. My first time LIKING bitter gourd! Mummy would be so proud :')
Seriously though, it was pretty good banana leaf rice, nomnom. 

Isn't Bangsar so pretty at night? <3

And then Johor! A brand new chapter of my life but this time, with a much more positive spirit. I've found a room that I've made my home. A workplace that is filled with extremely nice people. 

My new desk! And computer! :)

Met up with Yu Xuan (aka Marcus) and had my first yumcha session in McD. 

A few of my first grade girls; Sarah, Rio and Miyuka. 

And my first present from one of my kids since arriving here two weeks ago! :)

The girl who makes my day almost every day. 

I finally went to visit Emma last Friday night! It was definitely a perfect way to end the week. Such a bubbly little girl, I love her to bits! 

Yesterday night, I met up with another friend who took me to this super hipster place in JB for dinner.
The door was made out of newspaper. 

And that's how the interior looked like! That's Izzet in red in the corner of the picture. ;)

My Hainanese beef noodle which was surprisingly good. 

Another part of the restaurant. 

And today's my daddy's birthday!
Missing you, dad. xx