Saturday, August 16, 2014

I got my rock most.

I've disappeared for far too long, I am aware. There have been many personal uncertainties in my life lately and I have had plenty of time to reflect on them. There are still lots of decisions to make but I'm pretty sure I'll pull through somehow. 

On to more happy things! 

My profile in the Marco Polo casting database. Yeah, it makes me just a little bit excited even though it's only for background acting roles. 

First (only) buggy ride. 

The tiresome three: Avery, Yang and myself. 

Can't get over how pretty the colours are. :)

Soo.. I managed to watch the stunt team set a horse on fire without actually hurting the horse. Pictures I took was a little blurry but basically that orange dot is fire. It was pretty cool! 

Drogo and I moved to our new place! We're finally settled in and even though Drogo misses his best friend, I think he likes having all the space to himself. 

My post-it wall in my little corner at the studio! 

We got free sushi at work, so much happiness on one plate. 

On my second last day of work, I played a prank on Avery. It was really just my idea but while I was setting up, the whole office came to help. I basically cut up recycled paper, threw it all over her desk, taped it on and put everything back on her table where it belonged. It was pretty fun. 

I also managed to go on location. This is where the huge war scenes are going to be filmed, in Kluang. The rolling hills and the skies are so pretty! 

That was my last day with Marco Polo. I still go back occasionally to help out if needed, but on a part-time basis. I actually miss it- the long hours, the experiences, everything. 

But.. I finally get to spend much more time with this cutie pie. 

Taking a walk at the park outside the house. 

And.. school has started! Teachers reported back to work about two weeks ago, my kids are coming in on Monday! It's pretty exciting! Meanwhile.. here's a glimpse into my new preschool/kindergarten classroom! 

We are going with a jungle theme- the glass looks into the school counsellor's office, so we thought it would be nice to give both parties a little privacy with vine curtains! :) 

The circle time/quiet area. 

The messy area with sand and water tables!

From the outside. 

It's cute, right? I hope the kids like it too! 

Little Emma being her crazy self. 

I took Drogo for a swimming session today! Definitely going back when we have time. 

And, that's about all the updates I have. A tiny bit nervous about first day of school but also very excited! :)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Shoot me, shoot me sugar.

Two huge things have happened in my life since my last post. 

1. I'm working on a Netflix television series at Pinewood Iskandar Studios, Malaysia called Marco Polo. I got hired as a summer intern while school is on summer vacation. It's been super exciting, being able to experience all the background work. I've been working in the Casting Department, which is where we usually look for extras needed for a particular scene/shoot. 

Jer got a full-time position as an Assistant Casting Director- which is a pretty exciting position. 


I've been at this job for about three weeks now. I did hope to be on set a lot more but unfortunately (to my disappointment, of course), I'm pretty much in the office all the time. :(

Definitely still a wonderful opportunity that not many can brag about. :)

2. So everyone definitely already knows this but.. GERMANY WON THE FRIGGIN' WORLD CUP.
When Lahm lifted that cup in the air, it totally moved me to tears. I've only waited half my life for this moment, after all. 

Random moments captured in the Casting Department:
It was a colleague's birthday! 

Big group picture! :)

Johor best friend! 

One good thing about this job? I finally have friends in Johor! Except, most of them will be gone when this production is done. :(

Saturday day off! 

I wish I could post more pictures of what happens behind the scenes, but I will get sued for that. PLEASE WATCH MARCO POLO WHEN IT COMES OUT! 


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Can't turn around and say goodbye.

The pictures from our photo shoot came out a couple of days ago! We're not overjoyed with how these pictures turned out as compared to the last photo shoot we had but here are some of the nicer ones! :)

The three of us together again. :)

One of the more decent family pictures. We look kind of alienated from each other in this one but I do like the trees in the background. 

I actually love how this sister picture turned out. 

Definitely my favourite candid picture of the day. Even though I'm not in it. :( 

Favourite cousin picture. 

Us at Prince's Island. 

The whole "Ng" fam jam. 

My favourite family picture thus far. 

And those were the only pictures I was pretty happy with.  

After Canada, Jer and I made a trip back to KL/PJ for a week! We have not been back in two months, so it was definitely good to be back (yumcha/drinking sessions errday). 

Drogo and I. Ain't he just the handsomest?

Met up with the girls' camp girls too! 
Don't know who the genius was that started taking eating faces. Jo'Anne's face is still a winner. 

Macaroni, roast pork, ratatouille, roast chicken.  

Selfie #1. 

Selfie #2.

And a nice proper picture taken by Aunty Shereen. 

Jo'Anne, Krystal, Kharenee and I! 

Peach crumble was amazing! 

Ping and I also went to watch a musical over the week. Dana is one of the performers and we went to a preview show with complimentary tickets given to us by her! 
The 50-minute musical is called MUD: Our Story of Kuala Lumpur. It was a pretty good musical, very interactive with the audience. Go get your tickets (click the link above) and support the play! They are only showing until the end of August, I believe. 

We also had time to head to KL for beef noodles one afternoon with the gang! 
Tan, Kat, Jer, Kenneth and I were the ones who made it there! 

Yummy noodles at Shin Kee Beef Noodles! Definitely worth the trip, if you guys are willing to travel. 

Got back to Johor yesterday and Drogo is extremely happy to be back with his pal, Henry! :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

One more shot for us.

Here's a breakdown of my surprise trip to Canada! I wanted so badly, to talk about how excited I was to see my mum but since she is THE reason for my visit and the most frequent visitor on my site, I could not say anything in order to keep the surprise. 

So, what happened was I bought a ticket home! Coincidentally, my brother who was in Azerbaijan was coming home on the same day. My sister, who studies in Richmond, BC wanted to join the surprise and booked a flight home on the same day (and around the same time) as my flight. We got home, and waited for mum to get home from work. My aunt was in on the whole thing and she picked us up from the airport and texted us when my mum left work. I set up my video recorder on my phone to record the whole thing. I did try to upload the video but it doesn't seem to want to work the way I want it to. So if you want to see the look on my mum's face, click here

It was a pretty epic surprise. She had absolutely no clue. The look on her face was worth it all. We had timed it so that our visit would also coincide with her birthday. 
Our first family picture in two(?) years! 

Have not seen my sister in a year either. 

I was only there for a week- so it was obviously a visit jam-packed with shopping. 

Two pairs of Vans! 

The result of my 9 and a half hour shopping trip at Cross Iron Mills on the first day. 

My Nutella Latte! How I've missed you. 

I also got to see Celine and Megan while I was there! The pictures are all with Celine, this is the only one I have, haha. 

Mmm, my favourite Costco meal. 

Puppy shopping was the worst! I went and bought every possible thing Drogo would like. 

And then I finally hung out with Dana! I sure did miss her.

We went out with her bunch of friends that night- that was an incredibly fun night. 

Dana and I. 

With our Bulldogs. They were so yummy. 


And then the next day was mum's birthday! I wish I took pictures but most of the pictures are on my brother's phone. My pasta dish was super yummy though! 

Later that night, my aunt threw her a surprise birthday party! It sure is a year of surprises for her!

It was at the party that I finally met my nephew and the newest addition to the family- Isaac. He didn't like me a whole lot though, as you can probably tell. 

The next day, we had our big family photo shoot at Prince's Island. 

Pretty river. 

So serene, it would be amazing to just sit on the bridge overlooking this and reading a book. 

Sister shot! 

Mummy and I. 

 Girl cousins! 

The three Ng sisters. 

With mummy and ahyee. 

Cousin shot!

These pictures were all taken on a phone camera, though. The really good ones are being edited by the photographer now. 

That night, I hung out with Jun Kit! 

Us on the bus. It was sure fun bantering with him again.

The next day was me and my sister's last day in Calgary. We went for breakfast at Vendome Cafe. 

I love their Eggs Benedict. 

The three of us. 

And then four. 

Before getting on the plane, I had to choose my last meal. And this was what I chose:
TacoTime loaded Mexi fries. 
So much yum on a plate. 

And then I was on a plane home. :(

Isn't this the cutest airplane meal you've ever seen? 

On a happy note- I came home to these two. 

It was a good trip with the family. I missed them. Thanks for cooking for me mum! <3